Butcher Box

Your Neighbourhood Butcher

The Butcher Box service provides hygienically prepared, conveniently delivered, trackable meat products to the Nigerian populace.

Butcher Box is a service solution that combines a mobile and web application, solar powered refrigerated kiosks, and vacuum sealed products which guarantees customers getting the freshest produce, all the time.


A variety of juicy meats are available right here. We have goat meat, cow meat and ram meat. All freshly packed and ready for you


A variety of juicy poultry are available right here. We have chicken and turkey parts, nicely cut. Freshly packed and ready for you


Combo parks are a selection of different types and parts of the meat. The unique selection of body parts can make for truly interesting meals

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Our Shops

We have stalls across Lagos and many more opening up soon. You can visit us at any one of these locations to make your purchase. Butcher Box will also be available Nationwide. Coming soon to a place near you.

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